About Us

Our Vision

The vision of the Western Quebec Literacy Council is to help and encourage members of our community to develop the skills needed for life long learning, enabling them to reach their full potential.


Our Mission

The Mission of Western Quebec Literacy Council is to help English-speaking adults, families and youth improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, numeracy and other life skills through programs adapted to the needs of the individual. As a charitable volunteer organization, Western Quebec Literacy council recruits and trains committed volunteers as tutor and support personnel. We are dedicated to promoting community awareness with sensitivity throughout the region of West Quebec.

The Western Quebec Literacy Council Team

Board of Directors

Deborah Powell


Deborah is a retired French as a Second Language teacher and an avid bird watcher.

Vacant position

Vice President   

Western Quebec Literacy council is currently seeking a dedicated volunteer to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Directors

Rick Valin


Rick is a graduate of the University of McGill, B.Ed & M.Ed. He has been a dedicated and passionate teacher for 43 years.

Peter Gauthier


Peter has been a dedicated tutor and Board member since 2011.

Monica Dodson


Monica is a dedicated volunteer for many organizations.

Tracy Smith


Tracey has was a Bell Canada manager for 20 years and a business analyst. She is enjoying early retirement.

Mary Ann Keyzer


Mary Ann is a retired buyer for the CSSS and is a new member of the Board of Directors.


Michèle Gagnon

Executive Director   

Michèle has been working within the community non-profit sector since 2001. She loves books, reading, writing and is a self proclaimed foodie.

Deborah Gauthier

Office Assistant  

Deborah Gauthier has been a staff member of the WQLC since 2002. She is a grandmother and native of Halifax.