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'I really want to encourage other people who struggle with reading to take up this opportunity. The first step is scary - but the change is amazing. It's really transformed my life.'

How We Help You

Express your thoughts
Solve problems, to process new information
Understand the world around you much better
Make it easy for people to understand you
Share and express knowledge
Receive knowledge from other people

 Literacy is defined by a combination of basic skills (not just one skill)

that everyone needs in order to function in society.

Best Features

We help you develop the ability to:

Read and Understand Information

If you read and understand information, you will have the ability to use it — or convey it to another person effectively.

Write and to express your thoughts

You want your written words to be instantly understood by another person. By your family. By your friends. By your neighbor. By your children’s teachers. By your utility company. By your bank. By your Member of Parliament..

Express yourself through spoken words.

Verbal expression is very important. You may need to communicate this way in a public situation (at the bank or talking to your child’s school teachers or asking someone directions on a street).

Do basic mathematics

Such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – and be able to use it in a practical situation or to solve a problem, such as paying your bills. The same is true with the sciences.

Use a computer

It’s important that you are “computer literate.” You don’t need to know everything about a computer and how it works but you should know very basic things about the computer and how to operate it.

Understand signs & symbols

Things you face every day in your culture. MONEY – do you understand our currency and how to handle it? THE BUS – do you know the bus routes in your town and how to buy a ticket?

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