Tutor Training Workshop in Aylmer

A group of eight tutors joined us at the Western Quebec Career Center for our 5 hour Tutor Training Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Literacy Council Executive Director, Michèle Gagnon, and WQLC board member, Donna Cushman.  This workshop included both new tutors, tutors waiting to be matched and experienced tutors and teachers. This great mix lead to an afternoon of productive exchange!

Participants enjoyed a presentation by Louise Carisse, a WQLC volunteer who shared her remarkable experience tutoring a young man with Autism for over 7 years.

Pat McQuatty presented strategies for tutoring math and helped many participants dispel some of their  “math phobia.”

Participants also learned about guiding learners through goal setting and about lesson planning strategies.

We hope to offer more of these networking and strategy building workshops in the near future. Our goal is to build an interactive community for our volunteer tutors and we thank all of our participants for contributing to our network of helpers!

Our participants were: Brigitte Cayer, Louise Paradis, Louise Carisse, Marion Therien, Pat McQuatty, Kathy O’Neil, Louise Belisle, and Michele Doiron.


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