Take a Virtual Vacation

Have you heard of a virtual vacation? Explore the world without leaving your living room! 1) Pick a place you’d like to visit. 2) Google and take turns reading aloud about it. 3) What is unique or most interesting about this place? 4) Discuss any specific region of that place that is interesting and why? […]

Contest: Family Literacy Passport

It’s time for WQLC’s annual Family Literacy Contest! We were inspired by ABC Life Literacy’s Family Literacy campaign and decided to explore the theme of travel. We might not be able to pack our bags and travel anywhere further than our backyards, but we can use our imaginations, books and the internet to go on […]

Family Literacy Month Contest

Here’s your chance to win a backpack full of books and games that the whole family can enjoy together! To play complete as many of the activities featured on our Family Literacy Bingo page as you can before January 27th. When your family completes a line (vertical or horizontal) your name is entered into the […]

International Literacy Day

September 8th marks international Literacy Day, officially created by UNESCO in 1965 to help raise awareness surrounding global literacy challenges. According to UNESCO statistics, 12% of the global population remains illiterate or has a literacy level that is considered non-functional. To be functionally literate individuals need to be able to use their abilities across different […]