Big Changes at the WQLC

To say that there has been some movement at the Western Quebec Literacy council since April would be an understatement.  After receiving news of increased funding from the Ministère d’éducation de Québec, the Board of Directors hired a new, full time Executive Director, Michèle Gagnon. At the end of June the organization, volunteers, and friends of Marilee DeLombard wished her a happy and restful retirement.  For more than 25 years she has been at the forefront of the development of the organization, guiding the WQLC in its infancy to establish it as an independent charitable organization that has touched hundreds of lives across Western Quebec. Marilee has clocked countless hours ensuring that everyone has access to a service that enriches and benefits the quality of their lives.

Since change is in the air, the WQLC is revamping its look with a new website, blog and more digitally interactive platform.

The excitement doesn’t stop there; we will soon be calling Front Street, Campbell’s Bay, our new home. We hope to create a welcoming space that will encourage the entire community to have a peek inside of our doors. Brimming with excitement with all of the potential this new space provides, we will be launching new activities and programming such as a community book exchange, internet café, digital and in-house hosted book clubs, as well as art and cooking workshops.  The WQLC will also continue to support its current operations and provide support and services to its students and volunteers tutors.

We hope you’ll stay tuned to get the inside scoop on our big move as well as updates on our activities and informational pieces to inspire continued education in everyone.


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