Celebrating Adult Learner’s Week

To celebrate Adult Learner’s week, the Western Quebec Literacy Council would like to share an inspirational story of a learner-volunteer pair and how embarking on a path of personal development through one-on-one tutoring lessons has changed both their lives.

Take the Leap and Become an Adult Learner

Hi my name is Bev, I am 42. In the spring of 2020, I needed something in my life. My confidence was down and my reading and writing was not good. I was having trouble helping my son with his homework. I felt like such a bad mother, but then I was on the net looking for ways to improve my reading and writing. I found the Western Quebec Literacy Council. I was scared to contact them, but I made the leap of faith and did.  It was the best decision I ever could have made! 

I was terrified to meet my tutor but went for it anyway and met Darlene. She is an amazing tutor who helped me so much. She has helped me to have confidence in what I am trying to read and write. She has helped me to understand so many things in life. She is clearly an amazing person, with a good, kind heart to help people who do not understand reading and writing. She has helped me come so far. I look so forward to our meetings together.

This is an amazing program that you do not have to be embarrassed or ashamed about. They make you feel like it is all going to be ok. They do not judge you. I was afraid people would laugh but I was treated with respect and dignity.  

Tutors are Learners Too

Darlene Pashak has worked with different adults helping them reach their goals for over a decade. This is what she had to say about her experience as a tutor for the WQLC:

To say that helping adult learners is a rewarding experience just doesn’t capture how much of a difference each person has made in my life: getting to know someone, being vulnerable together and forging a path in a future-oriented direction is such a great experience, and I feel honoured that each person has allowed me to be part of their life journey.

Many of the “lessons” designed for the learners, were also lessons for me.

Many of the “lessons” designed for the learners, were also lessons for me. I have grown as a tutor and as a person thanks to these experiences. The most important lesson for me is that adult learners are the most resourceful people I have ever met; they have figured out ways to get things done in new and different ways.

I know it is difficult to reach out for help, and I am so happy that I can provide a safe space for adults to meet their goals, either on-line or in-person. I am always pleasantly surprised when people share their struggles and successes with me, and I have been inspired to do the same in my own life. I have so much respect that they are reaching out to better themselves and their lives. The unexpected result from signing up to be a tutor is that it bettered me and my life! That is what I would call a win-win.

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