Family Literacy Month Contest

Here’s your chance to win a backpack full of books and games that the whole family can enjoy together!

To play complete as many of the activities featured on our Family Literacy Bingo page as you can before January 27th. When your family completes a line (vertical or horizontal) your name is entered into the contest (Up to 5 entries per family permitted)!

Colour the squares representing the activities that your family has completed. Post a picture of your Bingo card to our Facebook page before January 27th, 2018.

The draw will be made and the winning family will be announced on January 28, 2018.

**Only one name can be entered per family a maximum of 5 times.

**Contest open to residents of Western Quebec (Outaouais, Quebec, Canada).

Click here for a printable PDF:Family Literacy Bingo

Recognizing treasured volunteers at the WQLC AGM

We’ve had a busy October at the WQLC, to say the least! We’ve officially moved from our location at 381 HWY 148, Shawville, Qc. We are now located at 106, Front Street, Campbell’s Bay, Qc. We hope you’ll join us for our open house later this fall.

On Satruday, October 21, we had our Annual General Meeting at Café 349 in Shawville Qc where we unveiled our brand new logo.

We also took some time to recognize our valued volunteers. Peter Gauthier has been a Board of Director’s member for the WQLC on two occasions. He served as Secretary from 2011 to 2012 and returned as Treasurer in 2014. He has now stepped down from the Board but continues to volunteer as a tutor. We thank him for his dedication and hard work.

Rick Valin, tutor and Board member, Mary Ann Keyzer, Board member, and Ray Cleary, tutor, were also recognized for their invaluable contributions to the organization.

We also presented Marilee DeLomard, retired Executive Director, with a certificate of appreciation for 24 years of services with the WQLC.

Our guest speaker Martin Riopel, Director of the Jardin Éducatif, presented his organization to the 18 WQLC members present. He spoke of the challenges faced  by not-for-profit organizations working in the field of education, bringing to the forefront the necessity of alternative forms of education for the development of healthy communities. Riopel stressed the importance of integrating students that may otherwise be marginalized by teaching them practical life and work skills. He added that community involvement and adequate funding are necessary to keep projects like the Jardin Éducatif alive.

We thank everyone who joined us and hope to see you all again next year!



International Literacy Day

September 8th marks international Literacy Day, officially created by UNESCO in 1965 to help raise awareness surrounding global literacy challenges. According to UNESCO statistics, 12% of the global population remains illiterate or has a literacy level that is considered non-functional. To be functionally literate individuals need to be able to use their abilities across different platforms to meet the demands of their everyday life. Without a functional literacy level individuals encounter many obstacles and challenges when it comes to employment and personal development. They may find it difficult to perform everyday tasks such as filling out forms, reading prescription medication instructions, or reading signs and labels.

Literacy is the foundation for all lifelong learning. The ability to read and write has a profound effect on the individual, allowing each person to become prepared for a role as an active, aware and economically independent member of society.

In Canada, we face literacy challenges that many people remain unaware of. Approximately 49% of Quebec adults aged 16 to 65 have limited literacy skills. 1 in 6 adults will encounter challenges throughout their lives because of serious difficulties with reading and writing.

The Western Quebec Litracy Council is a community literacy initiative that works to help improve literacy on a one-to-one basis through free, confidential and personalized tutoring. You can get involved with our organization by contacting us or making a donation. Be sure to like our Facebook page and sign up to our Newsletter to stay informed on upcoming activities.

Big Changes at the WQLC

To say that there has been some movement at the Western Quebec Literacy council since April would be an understatement.  After receiving news of increased funding from the Ministère d’éducation de Québec, the Board of Directors hired a new, full time Executive Director, Michèle Gagnon. At the end of June the organization, volunteers, and friends of Marilee DeLombard wished her a happy and restful retirement.  For more than 25 years she has been at the forefront of the development of the organization, guiding the WQLC in its infancy to establish it as an independent charitable organization that has touched hundreds of lives across Western Quebec. Marilee has clocked countless hours ensuring that everyone has access to a service that enriches and benefits the quality of their lives.

Since change is in the air, the WQLC is revamping its look with a new website, blog and more digitally interactive platform.

The excitement doesn’t stop there; we will soon be calling Front Street, Campbell’s Bay, our new home. We hope to create a welcoming space that will encourage the entire community to have a peek inside of our doors. Brimming with excitement with all of the potential this new space provides, we will be launching new activities and programming such as a community book exchange, internet café, digital and in-house hosted book clubs, as well as art and cooking workshops.  The WQLC will also continue to support its current operations and provide support and services to its students and volunteers tutors.

We hope you’ll stay tuned to get the inside scoop on our big move as well as updates on our activities and informational pieces to inspire continued education in everyone.