The Western Quebec Literacy Councils’ students have diverse backgrounds and needs.

Some are starting at the beginning; they need to learn to read and write.

Others need to upgrade their reading, writing, math and computer skills for work or continuing education.

Others are simply inspired by life-long learning and are interested in their personal development.

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“Learning to read has helped me a lot. I can write. I am learning to use the computer, to type, and to use the internet.” WQLC student- Bruce

Literacy skills range from low to high.

For example, people at:

LEVEL 1 have a great difficulty reading and usually know they have a problem

LEVEL 2 can read, but not well; can deal with material that is simple and clearly laid out; often do not recognize their limitations.

LEVEL 3 can read well, but have some problems with more complex tasks. However, many jobs require a higher skill level.

LEVEL 4/5 have a high level of literacy and can meet most reading demands

literacy levels

Need Help Reading?

We can help you improve your reading and writing. Lessons are free, private and confidential.

To talk about getting a tutor call:

Western Quebec Literacy Council

819-649-2150 telephone
1-888-647-3112 toll free

Here is more information:

Who are students?

  • Beginning readers
  • Readers with some skills
  • People who want to improve reading and writing to go on to high school work or other training courses.


  • A tutor will meet with you once a week for a private lesson of about an hour.
  • We have trained volunteer tutors waiting in communities throughout Western Quebec.
  • You and the tutor plan the time and place.
  • We supply the books.
  • You and the tutor and WQLC make a study plan.

How much?


What else?

  • You can study math, too.
  • Computers are available for students to use at home.
  • You must be an English-speaker (this is not English as a second language)

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